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Onward... - Touched by his noodly appendage
August 2009
Wed, May. 28th, 2008 11:24 pm


In the morning, we decided to go to the zoo. I love going to zoos, despite the hordes of screaming little kids. Every zoo I've been do besides the Pittsburgh and DC has generally kept animals in fairly large, clean enclosures where I haven't felt the animal's welfare has been compromised. Anyway, despite the recent news of the fatal tiger mauling (my brother said the kids were actually drunk and egged the tiger on), the Zoo was fairly nice. I have really been impressed with how much detail my camera gets even on zoom. That said, none of the pictures are especially artful or beautiful, so I'll only show a few.

This was a cool bird in an open-air African bird exhibit. I have no idea what it is.

I was actually at least 50 feet away from this chimp. Turned out to be a good shot when I kept blowing it up though.

This is actually not my best gorilla shot. However, it amuses me to no end, as he's sitting, cat-like, in a plastic tub.

Tara is apparently quite fond of lemurs. I got a lot of shots of a bunch of different lemurs in one big exhibit. But I'm not going to waste my bandwidth on uploading all of em.

Though not an elegantly composed picture, this also amused the hell out of me. It seems so incongruous to see a lion sleeping at the top of a flight of stairs.

Then, after a quick lunch, we went to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA).

Not many pictures. Art museums aren't my thing, and both Tara and I feel a bit disrespectful taking pictures inside of them. I have to say that it really wasn't all that big of a museum.

That evening, we walked along the coast to a restaurant called Greens, which was a four-star all vegetarian restaurant. Though almost as expensive as Millennium, it was a lot less snooty. The portions weren't absurdly small for the price either. I wasn't wowed by my main dish, but the appetizer had the best hoisin sauce I had ever tasted. Oh, and the view, as per above, was excellent.


Starting out the day, we went to DeYoung again. Tara took some pictures, but mainly of the building and me, not the works of art

We then met up with my brother, who took us to a localish Burmese place. I was happy to have Burmese food, as I hadn't had any since I moved away from DC (and the wonderful Mandelay) in 2003 or so.

Then we started walking around a bit more.

One of those famous great views coming down a hill towards the bay.

We were looking for a Diego Rivera mural, and the guidebook led us to a building of the San Francisco Art Institute. It was a Spanish mission, complete with a courtyard and fountain.

After trolling about a bit, we did find the mural.

A bit after that we walked to my brother's place. He was leaving town the next morning with his girlfriend, and they wanted to have dinner with me one last time. We killed some time at the local Rogue brewery (apparently only one of three). I had a beer there which was pretty bitter and not my thing at all.

Anyway, the restaurant was supposed to be Bolivian, which I had never had before. In addition, we had picked up a menu earlier, and it had an extensive vegetarian/vegan menu. The night was kind of horrifying however. First, for some odd reason they revamped the menu, and essentially all remaining vegan food was raw food, none of which was authentically Bolivian, though it wasn't terrible. Secondly, there was a live band, who while good performers, weren't really our thing. The terrifying thing was the couple who was dancing most of the night. There was an extremely tall, skinny guy who was in his fifties with white, curly, shoulder-length hair, and his younger (but obviously botoxed) Asian girlfriend. They dirty danced, booty danced, grinded, whatever you could call it...all night. Then, when we were leaving, this ancient woman, who came in later and apparently had a birthday that day, began stripping on the dance floor. Thankfully, no pictures exist of this grim encounter.

Anyway, only two more days of vacation to go. Laters.


Brett Banditelli
Thu, May. 29th, 2008 09:10 am (UTC)

great pictures- good to know all is well, sucks about the food, but oh well, personally i think the dancing sounds perfect