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Still more... - Touched by his noodly appendage
August 2009
Tue, May. 27th, 2008 10:19 pm
Still more...

First off, I was wrong I didn't take any pictures on Sunday. We did take a few of them, although none of the major things we happened to do that day.

We stayed in the Hotel des Arts It's fairly famous for having most/all of its rooms painted by artists. We got one of the cheap rooms, which didn't have its own bathroom, but only cost us...I think around $300 for the week. We were pleasantly surprised to see the room was painted with art however. Here's a detail from one of the corners.

A view of Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill, where the famous Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill live. Despite passing by the area several times, we never saw any parrots, much to Tara's chagrin. My brother said the parrots are typically only on the hill early in the morning, and usually spend the day begging for food from German tourists by the waterfront.

Yours truly.

The only pretty good shot I got of streetcars while I was out there. Ignore the department store in the background.

Tara took a shitload of pictures of buildings, seeing as she is an architect. Given I don't have unlimited flickr bandwidth I won't upload many of them. This is a shot she got of the Federal Building though. I felt a little nervous being there, as it's close to one of the only shady neighborhoods downtown, the Tenderloin, which judging by the people on the street is a primarily junkie neighborhood.

Anyway, on to Monday

Monday was my birthday! I turned 29. Our original plan was to walk the length of Golden Gate park and go to the various museums and attractions there. However, the Science museum won't be open until the fall, and the De Young art museum was closed that day. In addition, Tara didn't wear socks, and was having a hard time with the cold muggy weather down by the water. Still, we did some exploring.

One thing I found surprising about San Francisco is despite it not being all that warm, there are palm trees everywhere. Apparently palms don't need warm weather, they just need it to not get below freezing.

One of many shots Tara took of De Young.

We then proceeded to go to the "Japanese Tea Garden" in the park. It first started in 1894, but much of the present Tea garden is dedicated to the memory of the Japanese-American interment during WW2, and the trauma it inflicted upon San Francisco's Japanese Community. Here are just a few pictures.

After that, we went to the San Francisco Botanical Garden, which was right around the corner. It was nice, but all the sprinklers were on while we were there. Tara was wearing shoes that she couldn't get wet, so we kept having to avoid large sections of the gardens. Still, I got off a few pictures, particularly in the desert area. A sampling.


We then went back into the city via Haight-Ashbury. We were mainly looking for a place to eat, and our first two choices weren't open. We finally settled on a cafe Lonely Planet said was vegetarian-friendly. I ate mediocre falafel once again. Then we backtracked and went to Amoeba Music, a huge record store so comparably famous I heard about it online probably ten years ago at this point. I don't have the stamina for CD-browsing I used to, but I did pick up around seven new and used CDs, the most I've gotten in quite awhile.

Something between a mural and graffiti we saw.

After that, we walked down slowly into the Mission district, trying to see Mission Delores, the oldest non-native place of settlement in San Francisco, before it closed. We just missed it.

We did see this amusing sight in front of the mission though. It's a virgin Mary statue, with an offering of a votive candle and...carrot nubs?!? Hey, I guess you gotta get rid of them somehow.

After this, we stopped into Good Vibrations. Mind your own business mkay? My brother called me about going out to dinner for my birthday, and asked me to meet him and Jenny, his girlfriend of ten years, at a nearby bar called Casanova's

As you can see in this picture, the bar was mainly decorated with pretty bad pictures of naked women, a substantial number of them velvet paintings. The bartender pissed me the fuck off, but it was otherwise a pretty nice place.

Then, we went down the street for to an all-vegan shushi place! It was so nice to not have options at a Japanese place besides Oshiko, Cucumber, Avacado, and Inari. I love Japanese food, but get bored of having almost no options.

And that was about it for Monday. Tommorrow I'll try and cover another day or two.